About the Author

Boho, or Bohemian, is by definition a socially unconventional person, especially those who are into arts. It is related to the terms nonconformists, hippie, free spirit, and informal freak. In other words, Boho is a person who do not comply with social norms.

It is however unrealistic to say that I’m a Boho – in fact, my actions are guided by a set of values embedded within me through my religion. But they say that a person is often divided into different set of characters.

While I often succumb to the laws of my religion, mostly for the sake of my spirituality, I have another side of me who discreetly confronts the unwritten rules of our society.  They call it social norms. As long as no one can give me a logical reason why one such behavior is more appropriate than the other when neither of them breaks any of the religious rules I follow, I will favor the behavior which I personally believe I should.

To simply put, unless it’s for my spiritual maturity, I hate it when I am being dictated or controlled to do things I don’t believe I should. Free spirit is my companion. This is the main reason why I named this blog site as such. I will post an entry whenever I want to. I will write whatever topic I feel like writing. I don’t care if people will see this or not. All that matters is that I am able to express myself through the art of writing without having to follow whatever society dictates about blogging.

If you happen to bump into this site and find my entries to be interesting, then thank you. Let me know who you are, and, I think it’s just proper to give you some credit 🙂

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